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Testimonials ( Page 2 )

The Keighley Family

Norfolk, Ma

Our daughters love Lucky Ducky Daycare! It's wonderful that they can take the bus from their school and Miss Yashah cooks them the best meals. I would recommend them to anyone!

The Murphy Family

Norfolk, Ma

My son loved Lucky Ducky Camp this summer! Miss Yashah is so warm and friendly, and her house is a child's dream!!! I would highly recommend!

The Sheehan Family

Norfolk, Ma.

Yashah Reid-Mango of Lucky Ducky Daycare on Union Street has been providing our daughters with afterschool care a few afternoons a week and we have been thrilled with their care. I know she has a couple of little ones on a part-time basis and that she has openings as one of her babies recently moved. She provides great healthy meals, fun projects, music etc. and her rates are reasonable.



The St Laurent Family

Norfolk, Ma

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Yashah Reid-Mango of Lucky Ducky Daycare. Our 22- month old son Joshua has been attending Lucky Ducky Daycare since October 2007 when we moved to Norfolk, Massachusetts. Prior to this, Joshua was in a large daycare center for five months. My husband and I both work full-time thus require full day care for Joshua. When evaluating daycare options, it was important to us that Joshua have both an academic and social learning experience with a variety of activities.


Every morning when Joshua and I arrive at Lucky Ducky, Joshua finds a new book awaiting him. This is immediate excitement for him since he enjoys reading. Yashah gives us a daily report including the books read that day. Due to this extensive reading, Joshua now says most letters of the alphabet, repeates the numbers one through ten, frequently recites animal names and noises and is fascinated by every type of car and truck. He is developing an extensive vocabulary behind his first words of Dada and Mama.


Ourdoor learning is also an impressive experience at Lucky Ducky. Yashah has a beautiful backyard filled with many toys and outdoor play sets. When he began at Lucky Ducky, Joshua was the youngest child and was not walking. Yashah focused on his needs by engaging him with an infant swing and sandbox. Joshua is a curious boy, so as he continues to grow, Yashah's backyard has become a constant source of exploration for him. 


Another component of Lucky Ducky Daycare program is exposure to theme-based and cultural appreciation events. The festive decorations provide a unique experience each day walking to Yashah's front door. During the summer, Yashah hosts theme weeks with targeting learning, activities and food centered on different cultures. We are pleased that Joshua is receiving this exposure.


In addition to the academics and outdoor playtime, Joshua has learned discipline, sharing and manners while at Lucky Ducky. When we arrive in the morning, Joshua takes off, his sneakers and places them on the mat. When playing outside, Joshua understands that throwing sticks is not appropriate behavior and waiting for his turn at the slide is important. We are happy that manners are as important to Yashah as they are to us.


We are extremely pleased with Joshua's experience at Lucky Ducky Daycare. Yashah is a teacher that understands the importance of both academic and social learning. We are confident that with Yashah's teaching, Joshua's speaking, thinking and social skills are being developed in a way that is consistent with our parenting style and our hopes for Joshua's continued learning.


Michele St Laurent

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