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The Atteridge /Fenoff Family

Norfolk, Ma

Our son Cole started attending Lucky Ducky Daycare in the fall of 2010. We chose Lucky Ducky for many reasons. First we love the atmosphere; Feeling welcome and part of the " Lucky Ducky Family" immediately. Another benefit is that Miss Yashah manages to set up extremely crafty projects that educate the children while keeping it fun. The exposure of foods from different cultures was also something Cole enjoyed.


The structured atmosphere and different learning stations we believe has helped prepare Cole for Kindergarten. There is always a different book to read, a diffrent game to play, or a new story to be told! I love that Lucky Ducky is not just one big open room. There are different spaces the children can go, and still be safe. Cole has not just built a great foundation of knowledge at these different learning stations but confidence. I know our son feels safe enough to be himself and in doing so it has also built his character.


Along with structure Miss Yashah also manages to provide specific educational themes like, Fun & Fitness, Silly Science, and The Ocean to name just a few. Our son has learned so much at Lucky Ducky. From his vocabulary to color and shape recognition, to counting and sentence structure; all have been enhanced at Lucky Ducky Daycare. You will hear all about the good fun had at Lucky Ducky during pick up time, where you will also receive a daily reminder that tells you what your child did that day.


The menu at Lucky Ducky is diverse, healthy, and fun. I was so happy to find out that I would not have to pack a lunch or snack, it's included! Cole was exposed to such an enormous variety of foods that ended up carring over to our home.  For example, humus and pita bread has become an all-time favorite and this past summer Cole had the opportunity to try lobster, crab cakes, and fried calamari during Ocean week. All of the food provided reinforces healthy habits.


Cole has enjoyed his time at Miss Yashahs' as he has gained so much from long lasting friendships to healthy habits and more. We highly recommend Lucky Ducky Daycare as we found for ourselves; Miss Yashah and her program at Lucky Ducky go above and beyond any other daycare in this area. As she provided a great foundation for a love of learning and we cannot thank her enough for that.


Amanda Atteridge

William Fenoff

The Bessette Family

Bellingham, Ma

Our twin daughters, Charlotte and Grace, attended Lucky Ducky Daycare ("LDD") from March 2007 through November 2008 and loved every minute of it. The song lyrics-

Lucky Ducky Daycare;

I have a lot of friends there;

Line up;

Hold hands;

We all go in!


Were often sung on our way to and/or from LDD. Their first day at LDD was confirmation that we choose the right place for our daughters. Preparing ourselves for a tearful separation, our daughters completely surprised us by settling right into the playroom and hardly even noticed us leaving! We walked out of LDD reassured that our daughters would be taken care of and very happy with Yashah.


We watched my daughters grow from shy toddlers to outgoing preschoolers with smiles and laughter at the end of each day spent at LDD. Yashah is a very caring and compassionate provider. We loved the fact that the girls were provided nutritious snacks and lunch and dinner. The preschool projects were very imaginative and captured the girls' interest immediately. They were so proud to present their art to mommy and daddy at the end of the day. The fenced in backyard provides a multitude of physical activities and we often found our two little "monkeys" playing on the monkey bars before we even left to go to work in the morning.


We know they will take with them a life-long love of learning started with Yashah.



Tracy & Tom Bessette

The Cieszkowski Family

Franklin, Ma

Yashah Reid- Mango love children and owning a daycare. She is organized, always cheerful, patient, creative and kind. We chose Lucky Ducky Daycare because Yashah has dedicated her entire bright, clean and inviting house to the program. She provides a structured day that includes age appropriate games, crafts and a pre-school curriculum. She prepares healthy meals based on a menu planned at least a month in advance. She incorporated fun into the menu by making sandwiches that look like elephants and celebrating birthdays with rainbow cakes! My daughter had food allergies and Yashah took meticulous care in learning to prepare meals free of soy, milk, and peanut. Yashah is tireless, she rarely takes time off and NEVER has a sick day.


My children would say their favorite part of Lucky Ducky Daycare is " Camp Lucky Ducky", a fantastic summer program which includes field trips to parks and zoos, visits from musicians and entertainers, water day, sand play and weekly themed activities. Both of my children will forever respect and cherish Miss Yashah and the memories and friendships made at Lucky Ducky Daycare.



Melissa Cieszkowski

The Dunfey Family

Norfolk, Ma

Our Son Connor has been well taken care of by Yashah for the last year and a half at Lucky Ducky Daycare. Yashah's caring and compassionate approach to taking care of Connor has helped him transition from the reserved toddler he was to the great social, expressive little boy that he is today.


One of our  and Connor's favorite parts of his Lucky Ducky experience was the wide variety of food prepared by Yashah. Her creativity is amazing with how many diffrent combinations of fun, healthy food that she comes up with for the children to eat. We routinely review the menu with Connor in the morning to get him excited for the day ahead.


Yashah also puts a tremendous amount of effort into the curriculum through which Connor learned many valuable concepts and lessons. This is especially true during the summer session of " Camp Lucky Ducky". It's difficult to say who enjoys reviewing the Camp Lucky Ducky booklet more, Connor or us. This year's hights included piano lessons (which Connor really enjoys). learning the science of plants through gardening ( some of the resulting pepper plants are growing in our garden now), and launching a model rocket (which Connor loved). And as a testament to the fun and memorable activities that Yashah prepares, the caricature of Connor from one of last summer's highlight days is still hanging on our refrigerator.


Even with the great curriculum and food preparation, Yashah finds the time to prepare daily status notes, monthly menus, monthly newsletters and personal birthday celebrations for every one of the children in her care. It is these kinds of details that make Lucky Ducky a special place for a young child to develop.


Connor will miss Miss Yashah, her family, and his friends at Lucky Ducky. We look foward to seeing Yashah and her family around town.


We strongly recommend Yashah and Lucky Ducky Daycare to any family looking for a creative, enriching early-education enviorment for their child.



Patrick and Kendal Dunfey

The Masterson Family

Norfolk, Ma

I still can't believe how quickly these 5 1/2 years have flown by. Aeryn has loved every minute of being there and has learned so much and has made great friends. Thank you for your dedication to the kids, the curriculum and for providing such a safe, fun environment for them to thrive.


All the best!!

Tammy, Jamie, & Aeryn Masterson

The Oberacker Family

Norfolk, Ma.

My husband and I both work full time and our daughter started out being cared for by her grandmother and other family members. As she approached the age of 2 , she was in great need of some structure, an enriched program and scocialization. Since we both work about an hour away, we needed to find a daycare facility that was open extended hours to accommodate our long commutes. We came across Lucky Ducky Daycare online and scheduled a visit to check it out and we knew we found the right place. There is a big fenced in back yard with a full playground... basically a kid's dream. The classroom inside is beautiful and loaded with learning toys and activities.


Our daughter has been attending Lucky Ducky Daycare for two years now. She arrived a very quiet girl of a few words and truly blossomed in her time here. Lucky Ducky offers a great preschool curriculum. My daughter is able to write her name, is a whiz at puzzles, and has learned valuable lessons that I would never think to teach her on my own. Each month has a different theme, which is outlined in the monthly newsletter so we are able to expand upon those themes at home as well.


One of our biggest struggles as parents has been getting our daughter to eat different foods. Her diet consisted of chicken nuggets and mac n' cheese at one point. I was so worried about her starving once she started Lucky Ducky because of the wide variety of foods offered at each meal. Somehow Yashah was able to get her to eat almost anything! It is the biggest relief knowing she is eating so many well balanced meals each day, which I'm able to keep track of with the detailed menu given out each month. The kids even get to eat fresh veggies and fruits from the extensive garden they help care for.


One of the best parts of Lucky Ducky is that it turns into Camp Lucky Ducky in the summer. Each summer is different depending on the age groups of the kids attending. Sometimes they go on fun field trips or have special visitors come on site. Whatever it is, the kids have a blast!


Something my husband and I have appreciated is that in our two years here, we have never had to miss work. Lucky Ducky is always open with the exception of major holidays, which we have off anyway and the VERY occasional personal day, in which there is ample notice. Yashah has never taken a sick day in our time here. She keeps her house extremely clean. Our daughter rarely gets sick and I know she would have if she were at a bigger daycare center.


We cannot give enough praise to Yashah for the excellent care she provided our daughter! We would recommend Lucky Ducky Daycare to anyone looking for a well rounded learning experience for their child.



The Oberacker Family

The Patel Family

Medfield, Ma.

My son has been enrolled in Yashah's home daycare program for 4 years now and my daughter for almost a year. Yashah is a very patient and caring person. She also provides a variety of programs for the children such as pre-school program, music, art and crafts, and she also takes them on educational field trips.


We Feel very fortunate to have had Yashah caring for our son and daughter. Lucas and Adriana learn so much from her and her programs.


We highly recommend Lucky Ducky Daycare to parents who are looking for a safe and educational daycare



Despina Patel

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