for ages 4 - 6 years old

Choose any 2, or more days per week, that fits your schedule!


Monday- Friday

(1/2 Day) 8:30 PM-1:00 PM

(full day childcare) 6:30 AM-5:30 PM


Children learn best by doing, exploring, and being engaged in problem solving.

Lucky Ducky Daycare sets the stage for your child to role play, create art, dance,

and investigate the world around them.




   Typical Daily  



Our curriculum reinforces the following skills!


* LANGUAGE ARTS: listening, communication, reading & writing.


* SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: social relationships, self concepts & self direction. 


* PHYICAL DEVELOPMENT: fine motor, health & saftey & gross motor.


* MATHEMATICS: numbers, shapes, patterns & logic.


* CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT: dramatic play, music and dance, visual arts.


* SCIENCE: life science, earth science, physical science and technology!




   Multi media              learning

* Easy to use touch screen computers


* Introduction to Phonics


* Rhymes


* Fun math games


* Songs


* Puzzles



Healthy meals and Snacks are served daily!
Healthy Meals
     & Snack



  Meals consist of: meat or protein substitute, grain product, two servings of vegetables, or fruit, and milk



  * Menues are given to each parent





Our mission is to help the children know who they are, love others, make healthy life choices and think critically.




 Physical Activities

* Outdoor play-time in the fenced in playground 

Our playground is fully equipt w/ a swing set and so more...


* Music & movement


* yoga


* Spring - puddle stomping


* Summer - gardening


* Fall - nature walks


* Winter - bring a snowsuit


* Field trips



text 617 650-7685




 98 Union St Norfolk, Ma. 02056